Veteran Mural Project


Above is the artist concept of the Mural Wall which will be located inside Meeks Park not far from the entrance. A Huey helicopter is currently on order from DOD and when it arrives, will be displayed as a calling card for all to come see the Mural. The red line below indicates the approximate position of the Mural in Meeks Park. It is the same place the Vietnam Moving Wall was displayed.
Robert T. Dasher is a native of Ohio, who now proudly calls the mountains of Georgia home. He has been married to his wife Bonnie for 44 years. They have 5 grown children and 15 grandchildren. For over 40 years Bob has been blessed with the opportunity to do something that not everyone gets to do. He has been able to apply his artistic talent all over the world as the owner of Dasher Decorative Arts.
He and his crew have worked in fine homes and businesses producing murals, specialty finishes, and historic art restorations. Bob was called upon to help with some of Cleveland, O h i o ’s most  interesting projects, partnered with inspired clients all across the country and has been blessed to serve outreach organizations all over the world.
It is estimated the project will cost around $150,000. The fund raising campaign has begun! When sufficient funds have been raised the actual creation and construction of the Mural will begin. This will involve the artist, construction people, landscape people, supplies and all sorts of help. The is a huge undertaking for all involved and when completed will be a showcase attraction for North Georgia. It will be a Mural to be proud of for years to come. Not just for aesthetics, but as a tribute for all the patriots that SERVED our country in times of peace and strife.
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Click link for display of the Mural project:  the mural